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Lexan* Polycarbonate Sheet And Film Range

Lexan 10mm 2UV Multiwall Sheet
Location: Amritsar

About Us

Amar Nath Nayar & Sons are Distributors of SABIC Innovative Plastics (till 2007 known as GE Plastics India ), for the entire range of Lexan* Polycarbonate Sheet and Film Products. With inventory of Lexan* Polycarbonate Sheets and Film present with us at all times, we strive to make your buying experience a pleasure.

Lexan* Thermoclear Plus 2UV Multiwall Sheets

Description Sheet Structure Thickness
2 Wall 6mm, 8mm, 10mm
5 Wall10mm
3 Wall X Structure16mm
5 Wall X Structure16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 32mm
Thermoclick LTC404X400040mm, 50mm
Lexan 20mm 5X Multiwall Sheet
Location: Apollo Hospital Delhi

Lexan Compact & Embossed Sheet Range

Lexan 9030 Compact Transparent, Solid Sheet, 5 Year Warranty* 2mm to 12mm
Lexan ExellD Compact Transparent Solid Sheet, 10 Year Warranty*, 2UV2mm to 12mm
Lexan ExellDSTP One Side Textured, Solid Sheet, 10 Years Warranty*, 2UV 2mm to 6mm
Lexan MargaurdCompact Scratch Resistant, Solid Transparent Sheet with Silicone Mar Coating 3mm to 12mm
Lexan 6mm 2UV IR ExellD Sheet
Location: New Delhi